Hello, I am Robin Lander, clinical aromatherapist, intuition medicine® practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, herbalist, formulator, and wellness educator.

I grew up in rural northern California, close to animals, trees, ocean, and family. After graduating from Sonoma State University, I began a career in the Bay Area high-tech industry. Inevitably, my heart called me back home to the natural world and I returned to pursue my lifelong dream of learning plant medicine.

In 2002, I began my herbal education at the beautiful California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, CA. In 2004, I completed a yoga teacher training in the Viniyoga tradition – a yoga methodology that focuses on creating an individualized practice that best fits the needs of each person. My love of the aromatic arts inspired me to pursue an International Certification in Aromatherapy with Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, an Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy Retreat with Dr. Daniel Penoel in France, and more recently, a training as a NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist®. I began volunteering as a Clinical Herbalist at the Forestville Wellness Center in 2013. I also served as a consultant and educator for nurses at a local hospital, helping them bring aromatherapy into post-operative care.

Concurrently, I spent 16 years within the natural products industry as a sourcing specialist, product formulator, marketing manager and educator for an essential oil and herbal extracts company, bringing to market over 40 aromatherapy and skincare blends. From visiting distilleries in France to sourcing organic argan oil from women’s co-ops in Morocco, I found a passion in seeking out authentic and organic essential oils and building relationships with those who produce them. Now, I love to formulate customized aromatherapy and skincare blends for body care companies and my individual aromatherapy clients.

As an herbal clinician, I began to see energetic health issues in clients that called for an approach beyond herbs and aromatherapy alone. Determined to find a complementary methodology to address these concerns, I completed a 2 year program in energy medicine at the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in 2016, and became a Certified Hypnotherapist in 2022. Dedicated to sharing the healing message of plant medicine, I now combine intuitive energy work, aromatherapy, alchemical hypnotherapy, and herbalism to help individuals restore harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist®