Get grounded in your body with aromatherapy and intuitive medicine!

Good health is about more than caring for your physical needs. It also includes emotional, spiritual and mental vitality and balance. Much of this is subtle, or energetic, but we can sense that it is there. Obtaining balance can mean being present as much as possible, listening to your own intuition, feeling like you are on your “path”, and not absorbing the energy of others or your surroundings.

For some, it involves being connected to nature in some way, such as spending time outdoors, growing plants in your home or yard, or enjoying plant medicine through herbs or aromatherapy.

Change is possible! Let’s meet and discuss your individual health goals and how to restore that balance. From baby steps to big transformations, we can create a strategy that works for you. The tools I have to share are aromatherapy, intuitive energy medicine, alchemical hypnosis, herbal medicine, stone and flower essences, and yoga.

We all have the capacity to heal and nurture ourselves. Let’s get you tapped in to that inner wisdom you have within.