Private Consultations

Energy Medicine, Aromatherapy and Alchemical Hypnosis Consultations

My practice looks at the whole individual, addressing mind, body, and spirit. As an Intuition Medicine® Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist and Herbalist, I specialize in combining intuitive energy work and essential oils to help restore balance. Each person has their own unique healing process, and I provide support, information, and witness of that process.

Often times, physical symptoms manifest from outmoded energetic patterns that no longer serve us. We will explore areas of your life and health where you experience resistance or discomfort, both physical and emotional. Certain essential oil aromas can help release deep-seated emotions or blockages, offer clarity, and inspire transformation, allowing the spirit to inhabit the body more fully. With personalized energy medicine and aromatherapy, clients can feel more grounded, positive, and confident, with a greater sense of connection and well-being. In addition, herbs or flower essences may be suggested to further complement your healing plan.

Alchemical Hypnosis is a way to discover underlying energetic and emotional causes for discomfort or patterns of suffering. Through a relaxing guided journey, I guide my clients to explore their inner world, discovering new inner resources and making changes that reverberate outward to transform the outer world.

Consultations can be held in-person, or over the phone, or via Zoom.

Areas of Specialty

Life Transitions
Physical Discomfort
Sleep Issues
Relationship or Career Issues
Emotional Balance
Skincare Formulations

Available Services

Energy Medicine


Alchemical Hypnosis

Custom Skincare/Aromatherapy Formulation


Energy Medicine, Aromatherapy and/or Alchemical Hypnosis Session: $150/90 minutes

Custom Aromatherapy and Product Formulation: please contact to discuss


Currently I am seeing clients in-person on Tuesdays in my office in Sebastopol, CA. Phone and Zoom sessions are available on most other days. Please email me via my Contact page to set up a free 15 minute initial consultation or an appointment.


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